District Profile

DC Sir Kuldeep Chaudhary

Shri Kuldeep Chaudhary,IAS, The Deputy Commissioner, West Singhbhum

Service/Cadre/Allotment Year :IAS/JHARKHAND/2014
e-mail : dc-wss(at)nic(dot)in
Contact : 06582-256301(O)

The Deputy Commissioner is the administrative head of the district, and is the hub of the district administration. For administrative purpose, the Deputy Commissioner, West Singhbhum is under the control of the Commissioner, Singhbhum (Kolhan) Division, Chaibasa. He has to play triple role as Deputy Commissioner, as Collector and as District Magistrate. In his multifarious duties, the Deputy Commissioner is assisted by Additional Deputy Commissioner for Revenue side and Deputy Development Commissioner for Development side of the district. Each sub-division is in the charge of a Sub Divisional Magistrate. Deputy Commissioner is also assisted by the following officers for carrying out day to day work in various fields :-

  • Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue)
  • Deputy Development Commissioner
  • Executive Magistrates
  • District Supply Officer
  • District Land Acquisition Officer
  • District Public Relation Officer
  • District Panchayati Raj Officer
  • Assistant Director, Social Security
  • District Social Welfare Officer
  • District Planning Officer etc.

The Deputy Commissioner is the Chief Revenue Officer as District Collector and is responsible for collection of Revenue and other Govt. dues recoverable as arrears of Land Revenue. He deals with the Natural Calamities like drought, unseasonal rains, hailstorms, floods and fire etc.

Under the Registration Act the District Collector exercise the Powers of Registrar of the District and he controls and supervises the work of Registration of deeds. He also function as Marriage Officer under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Further under the Cinematography Act, the District Magistrate is the Licensing Authority in his jurisdiction. The administration of the Police in a district is vested in the Superintendent of Police, but under the General direction of the District Magistrate.

The District Magistrate is the head of the Criminal Administration of the District and the Police force is the instrument provided by Government to enable him to enforce his authority and fulfill his responsibility for the maintenance of Law & Order. The police force in a District is, therefore, placed by Law under the General control and direction of the District Magistrate, who is responsible that it carries out its duties in such a manner that effective protection is afforded to the public and against lawlessness and disorder.

District Magistrate is thus responsible for the maintenance of Law & Order within his jurisdiction. He is conferred with very wide powers by the law, which if used prudently can be very effective in maintaining peace and tranquility. He can impose restriction on the movement of unlawful Assembly under Section 144 Cr.P.C. and can also impose curfew keeping in view of the situation.

He is authorized to inspect the Offices/ Courts of Sub Divisional Officers (Civil), Treasuries, Sub Treasuries, Jails, Hospitals, Dispensaries, Schools, Blocks, Police Stations, Second Class Local Bodies, Improvement Trusts and all other offices of Jharkhand Government. In this way, he has effective control over the Administration.



1 SRI S.K. SHARMA, I.A.S. 21.09.1987 28.12.1989
2 SRI S.M. SINGH, I.A.S. 29.12.1989 30.04.1990
3 SMT. R.B. VERMA, I.A.S. 01.05.1990 29.12.1991
4 SRI S. SHARMA, I.A.S. 30.12.1991 20.07.1992
5 SRI S. CHAKRAVERTY, I.A.S. 21.07.1992 10.05.1995
6 SRI AMIT KHARE, I.A.S. 10.05.1995 01.06.1996
7 SRI S. SIDHARTH, I.A.S. 13.06.1996 22.06.1996
8 SRI A. SUBHANI, I.A.S. 23.06.1996 01.10.1996
9 SRI U.P. SINGH, I.A.S. 01.10.1996 06.10.1997
10 SRI A.K. JHA, I.A.S. 06.10.1997 28.11.1997
11 SRI A. KUMAR, I.A.S. 29.11.1997 03.12.1997
12 SRI I.S. CHATURVEDI, I.A.S. 04.12.1997 13.04.1998
13 SRI A. KUMAR, I.A.S. 14.04.1998 18.04.1998
14 SRI S.K.G. RAHATE, I.A.S. 19.04.1998 11.03.1999
15 SRI D. MISHRA, B.A.S. 12.03.1999 25.03.1999
16 SRI S. KUMAR, I.A.S. 26.03.1999 28.04.1999
17 SRI B. MEHROTRA, I.A.S. 29.04.1999 05.09.2000
18 SRI RAJEEV EKKA, I.A.S. 06.09.2000 19.10.2001
19 SRI RAJESH AGRAWAL, I.A.S. 20.10.2001 21.09.2002
20 SRI A.P. SINGH, I.A.S. 21.09.2002 15.07.2005
21 SRI M.P. MISHRA, I.A.S. 16.07.2005 27.11.2006
22 SRI R.S. VERMA, I.A.S. 27.11.2006 27.04.2007
23 SRI MAHESH PD. SINHA, I.A.S. 27.04.2007 26.05.2008
24 SRI SUNIL KUMAR, I.A.S. 26.05.2008 07.05.2010
25 SRI K.SRINIVASAN, I.A.S. 07.05.2010 27.04.2013
26 SRI B.K.MUNDA, J.A.S. 27.04.2013 07.06.2013
27 SRI ABOOBACKER SIDDIQUE P I.A.S. 07.06.2013 25.06.2016
28 DR. SHANTANU KR. AGRAHARI, I.A.S. 25.06.2016 18.06.2017
29 SRI ARAVA RAJKAMAL , I.A.S. 18.06.2017 08.04.2021
30 SRI Ananya Mittal , I.A.S. 08.04.2021 14.02.2024
30 SRI Kuldeep Chaudhary , I.A.S. 14.02.2024