District Supply Office functions under the department of Food and Civil Supplies, Government of Jharkhand. District Supply Officer is the administrative head of the office. The office is situated in the Collectorate campus and during office hours may be contact through the phone number 06582-258324.


Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department ensure availability of essential commodities and check malpractices in supply and trade of food grains, petroleum products and other notified items. The department arranges procurement of PDS items like rice, wheat/atta, levy sugar, iodised salt (procurement not being done now) and Kerosene oil under various Govt. of India(Targeted Public Distribution System).Essential commodities are distributed through Fair Price Shops to the identified beneficiaries under the following categories : - APL (Above Poverty Line), BPL (Below Poverty Line), AAY (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) and Annapurna. APL families are issued with pink ration cards, BPL families with dark green ration cards, AAY families with yellow ration cards and Annapurna beneficiaries with light green ration cards

In the field of Consumer Protection, the department is entrusted with the smooth functioning of Consumer Grievances Redressal Forums at the State and at the District level.



  1. To ensure availability of essential commodities at a reasonable price to all sections of the people particularly to the vulnerable sections of the society both in Urban and Rural area throughout the year to be drawn from Fair Price Shops, location at convenient locations.

  2. To issue monthly allocation of food grains, sugar and SKO to the District authorities.

  3. Monitoring and inspection of god owns of wholesale nominees and Fair Price Shops .

  4. Appointment of wholesale nominee-cum-carriage contractor for lifting and transportation of PDS items.

  5. Enforcement of various provisions of Essential Commodities Act and other Control orders issued by both Central and State Govt. from time to time.

  6. To issue control order, exercise close and constant vigil on the dealers of essential commodities and Fair Price Shops.

  7. To check malpractice and hoarding of essential commodities under E.C. Act. by organizing checking and raids at regular intervals.

  8. To evolve an effective monitoring system throughout the State on availability and pricing of Essential Commodities.

  9. To maintain close and constant liaison with the Central Agencies like Food Corporation of India, Railway Board and Salt Commission etc. for better and efficient functioning of Public Distribution System.

  10. Augmentation of Storage facilities in the remote areas of the state for maintaining buffer stock.


  1. BPL scheme

  2. Antayoda scheme

  3. Village Grain Bank

  4. Subsidized PDS Kerosene Oil

  5. Public Distribution System

BPL YOJANA - Families residing below the poverty line are covered under this scheme. The scheme emphasize provision of food at subsidized rate to the selected families . The scale of entitlement is 35 kg per family per month at rate of Rs 1 . The coverage extends to 30275 families in districts. The department receive 45600 quintal of rice /month from the government.

ANTOYADAYA ANNA YOJANA - The scheme is targeted to ensure food security for all and to reform and improve the Public Distribution System so as to serve the poorest of the poor in rural and urban areas. Total 96705 families are targeted under this scheme ho are provided food grains at the rate of 35 Kg per family per month at rate of Rs 1 per kg . The department receive 33850 quintal of rice /month from the government.

ANNAPURNA YOJANA - Destitute old age persons aged 65yrs or more who are otherwise eligible for old age pension, but not included in the scheme are provided 10 kg rice free of cost under this scheme.9120 persons have been covered under the scheme. Government make an allotment of 278 quintal/ month under this scheme.

VILLAGE GRAIN BANK -Total 41 grain bank are operating by the NGO's in the district. Each grain bank contain 40 quintal of food which is distributed to BPL /Antoyodaya beneficiaries on rent .

SUBSIDIZED PDS KEROSENE OIL - PDS kerosene at subsidized rate is supplied to ration cardholders. The scale of entitlement is up to 4 litre per card per month which is provided to 24217 household.

APL YOJANA- Under this scheme 770 quintal wheat and 770 quintal rice per month is distributed to 15400 APL families. The scale of entitlement is 10 kg per family per month.

PDS (PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM) -A public distribution shop also known as Fair Price Shop (FPS) is used to distribute rations at a subsidized price to the poor. As of date there are about 1135 Fair Price Shops (FPS) across the district. The Fair Price Shops are entrusted with the responsibility of distributing PDS items and chiefly sell wheat, rice, kerosene and sugar at a price lower than the market price to the ration card attached to the respective FP Shops.


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